How to change timezone in Solaris

If we want to change timezone on our server running Solaris we need to:

1. On sparc server :

# vi /etc/TIMEZONE

we are changing TZ parameter eg:.


We save file and reboot server.

2. On server x86:

We edit /etc/TIMEZONE file as for sparc server, but we need also edit rtc_config file  using command:

# rtc -z GMT
# rtc -c

Then we reboot server.

List of possible timezones we can find in:


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  1. Mohaltron says:

    What if I want to change to Moscow time in terms of GMT, should I use TZ=GMT+3
    thanks a lot

  2. praveen says:

    How to change the timezone in linux redhat 5

  3. Raya says:

    How can I change the timezone for Solaris 10 without rebooting. Is it possible?

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