Sybase ASE 15.5 installation in RedHat environment

Step by step tutorial how to prepare and install Sybase ASE 15.5 developer edition in RedHat OS.


1. Sybase pre-installation requirements:


a) necessary packages for 64bit RHEL 5:


in my system:

# rpm -q -a | grep -i kernel


# rpm -q -a | grep -i glibc



b) free memory – at least 106MB

in my system :

# free -m

   total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:           498        285        212 0         14        199
-/+ buffers/cache:         72        426
Swap:         1023          0       1023

we can free some memory doing cache celanup:

# sync;echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

as we can see we got  almost 200MB:

# free -m

    total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:           498         84        414 0          0         12
-/+ buffers/cache:         71        427
Swap:         1023          0       1023


c) free disk space – at least 1071MB

in my system I have dedicated filesystem called sybase which will be use for this installation:

# df -h

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00     11G  4.3G  5.8G  43% /
/dev/sda1              99M   13M   82M  14% /boot
tmpfs                 250M     0  250M   0% /dev/shm
/dev/sdb1             3.0G   69M  2.8G   3% /sybase


d) shared memory size – minimum is 64MB for basic 2k pages ASE installation:

# /sbin/sysctl kernel.shmmax

kernel.shmmax = 68719476736

to change it you can use command :

# /sbin/sysctl -w kernel.shmmax=nnn

to made it persistent after reboot add/modify to/in /etc/sysctl.conf file line:

kernel.shmmax = nnn

and synchronize it with kernel using command:

# sysctl -p


e) create user sybase and give him owner rights to installation folder:

# useradd -s /bin/bash -d /home/sybase
# groupadd sybase
#  useradd -s /bin/bash -d /home/sybase -g sybase -m sybase
# passwd sybase
# chown -R sybase:sybase /sybase


2. Installation of Sybase ASE 15.5 Developer Edition


a) extract files from downloaded package:

You can get this install package  from Sybase site: after registration.


# gunzip ase155esd2_linuxx86-64.tgz

# tar -xvf ase155esd2_linuxx86-64.tar


b) start installation:

– from command line:

./setup.bin -console

– using GUI installer ( remember to set DISPLAY variable):



c) choose install folder, install set and license type:


Choose Install Folder

Where would you like to install?

Default Install Folder: /opt/sybase

: /sybase


Choose Install Set

Please choose the Install Set to be installed by this installer.

->1- Typical
2- Full

3- Customize…

: 1


Software License Type Selection

What would you like to do?

->1- Install licensed copy of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Suite
2- Install Free Developer Edition of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Suite
3- Install Express Edition of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Suite
4- Evaluate Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Suite

Enter one of the options above: 2


d) password store options:


Remember ASE Password

ASE Plug-in has the option to “remember passwords after connecting to servers”.
The passwords are encrypted and stored on a per-user basis.  If for security
reasons you do not want ASE Plug-in to store any passwords, you can disable
this feature.

->1- Enable
2- Disable



e) configuration

As you can see below I choose to configure everything.


Please deselect any products that you do not want to configure now :

[X]  1  –  Configure new Adaptive Server
[X]  2  –  Configure new Backup Server
[X]  3  –  Configure new Monitor Server
[X]  4  –  Configure new XP Server
[X]  5  –  Configure new Job Scheduler
[X]  6  –  Enable Self Management
[X]  7  –  Configure Web Services
[X]  8  –  Configure Unified Agent



Here you can see my configuration settings (mostly default):


Configure New Servers Summary

Adaptive Server
Adaptive Server Name                            ASE_2K
Port Number                             5000
Application Type                                Mixed (OLTP/DSS)
Page Size                               2k
Error Log                               /sybase/ASE-15_0/ASE_2K.log
Master Device                           /sybase/data/master.dat
Master Device Size (MB)                         30
Master Database Size (MB)                               13
System Procedure Device                         /sybase/data/sysprocs.dat
System Procedure Device Size (MB)                               152
System Procedure Database Size (MB)                             152
System Device                           /sybase/data/sybsysdb.dat
System Device Size (MB)                         3
System Database Size (MB)                               3
Tempdb Device                           /sybase/data/tempdbdev.dat
Tempdb Device Size (MB)                         100
Tempdb Database Size (MB)                               100
Backup Server
Backup Server Name                              ASE_2K_BS
Port Number                             5001
Error Log                               /sybase/ASE-15_0/install/ASE_2K_BS.log
Monitor Server
Monitor Server Name                             ASE_2K_MS
Port Number                             5002
Error Log                               /sybase/ASE-15_0/install/ASE_2K_MS.log
XP Server
XP Server Name                          ASE_2K_XP
Port Number                             5003
Error Log                               /sybase/ASE-15_0/install/ASE_2K_XP.log
Job Scheduler
Job Scheduler Agent Name                                ASE_2K_JSAGENT
Port Number                             4900
Management Device                               /sybase/data/sybmgmtdb.dat
Management Device Size (MB)                             75
Management Database Size (MB)                           75
Self Management
Self Management User Name                               sa
Self Management User Password                           ******
Web Services
Producer HTTP Port Number                               8181
Producer HTTPS Port Number                              8182
Producer Host Name                              CentA
Certificate Password                            ******
Keystore Password                               ******
Producer Log File                               /sybase/WS-15_0/logs/producer.log
Consumer Port Number                            8183
Consumer Log File                               /sybase/WS-15_0/logs/consumer.log
Unified Agent – Self Discovery Service Adaptor
adaptor                         UDP
Unified Agent – Security Login Modules
CSI.loginModule.0.controlFlag                           sufficient
CSI.loginModule.0.options.moduleName                            Anonymous Login Module
CSI.loginModule.0.options.roles                         uaAnonymous
CSI.loginModule.1.controlFlag                           sufficient
CSI.loginModule.1.options.encrypted                             false
CSI.loginModule.1.options.moduleName                            Simple Login Module
CSI.loginModule.1.options.password                              ******
CSI.loginModule.1.options.roles                         uaAgentAdmin,uaPluginAdmin
CSI.loginModule.1.options.username                              uafadmin
CSI.loginModule.2.controlFlag                           sufficient
CSI.loginModule.2.options.moduleName                            ASE Login Module
Do you want to continue? (DEFAULT: yes):



After sucesfull instalation you should see following text:


Installation Completed

The installation was successful.

Please check regularly for updates at

If you have not done so, please go to to obtain
the Sybase software licenses.




Also ASE processes should be running:

# ps -ef | grep ASE

sybase   14386     1  0 00:24 pts/1    00:00:00 sh -c /sybase/ASE-15_0/bin/dataserver -sASE_2K -d/sybase/data/master.dat -e/sybase/ASE-15_0/ASE_2K.log -c/sybase/ASE-15_0/ASE_2K.cfg -M/sybase/ASE-15_0  > /dev/null 2>&1
sybase   14387 14386  4 00:24 ?        00:00:33 /sybase/ASE-15_0/bin/dataserver -sASE_2K -d/sybase/data/master.dat -e/sybase/ASE-15_0/ASE_2K.log -c/sybase/ASE-15_0/ASE_2K.cfg -M/sybase/ASE-15_0
sybase   14411     1  0 00:24 pts/1    00:00:00 sh -c /sybase/ASE-15_0/bin/backupserver -e/sybase/ASE-15_0/install/ASE_2K_BS.log -N25 -C20 -M/sybase/ASE-15_0/bin/sybmultbuf -SASE_2K_BS  > /dev/null 2>&1
sybase   14412 14411  0 00:24 pts/1    00:00:00 /sybase/ASE-15_0/bin/backupserver -e/sybase/ASE-15_0/install/ASE_2K_BS.log -N25 -C20 -M/sybase/ASE-15_0/bin/sybmultbuf -SASE_2K_BS
sybase   14424     1  0 00:24 pts/1    00:00:00 sh -c /sybase/ASE-15_0/bin/monserver -SASE_2K -Usa -P -n5 -l/sybase/ASE-15_0/install/ASE_2K_MS.log -L/sybase/ASE-15_0/ASE_2K_MS.cfg -m/sybase/ASE-15_0 -MASE_2K_MS  > /dev/null 2>&1
sybase   14425 14424  0 00:24 pts/1    00:00:00 /sybase/ASE-15_0/bin/monserver -SASE_2K -Usa -P -n5 -l/sybase/ASE-15_0/install/ASE_2K_MS.log -L/sybase/ASE-15_0/ASE_2K_MS.cfg -m/sybase/ASE-15_0 -MASE_2K_MS
sybase   14597 14387  0 00:25 ?        00:00:00 /sybase/ASE-15_0/bin/jsagent -p 4900 -n CentA -t 32 -l 0 -v -e /sybase/ASE-15_0/ASE_2K_JSAGENT.log -i /sybase > /dev/null




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